Following Nancy Cressman’s thirteen years of store ownership, Rena J. Mosteirin recently took the helm of Left Bank Books and hopes to steer the ship through the rough waters of the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.


Please Note: Due to the economic damage of the crisis, Left Bank Books is no longer buying books but we welcome donations.


Learn more about the store here:


About Rena

Rena J. Mosteirin is the author of nick trail’s thumb (Kore Press, 2008) chosen by Lydia Davis for the Kore Press Short Fiction Award; half-fabulous whales (Little Dipper, 2019) a book of Moby-Dick erasure poetry; and the co-author of Moonbit (punctum books, 2019) a poetic and academic hybrid work comprised of experimental poetry and a critical theory of the poetics and politics of computer code. She’s published widely in journals including The Puritan, The Common, no tokens and The Southampton Review. Her newest book Experiment 116 takes on the poetics of machine translation and is forthcoming in the Using Electricity Series published by Counterpath Press.



Rena and Nancy

Here is a photo of Rena and Nancy on the day the store made the ownership transition.